Suicide is one of the leading causes of death among LGBTQ+ youth and adults, and yet not enough is generally known about how to see and help those who may be at risk, including LGBTQ+ youth and adults.  As we approach National Suicide Prevention and Awareness Week, please take a moment to read the latest information from these specialist groups on how to support loved ones who may be suffering silently and getting the right help challenging.

COMING UP SEPT 14TH, 2023: LEAGUE members are invited to join a special training session from The Trevor Project on how to provide support within the CARE framework (Connect, Accept, Respond, Empower) so you can see the signs of someone struggling and be ready to step in to help if needed.  LGBTQ+ youth are four times more likely to attempt suicide than their peers, and you can be active in providing support with this valuable training.  Look for signup information in the LEAGUE at AT&T Teams channel.

Learn more about National Suicide Prevention and Awareness Week and ways you can take action from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention here, with additional resources and ideas from the Goodgoodgood team here

Lastly if you or someone you know needs help immediately, please reach out to The Trevor Project or call or text 998 to speak to trained support staff who are there to listen and help.