Non-Binary People’s Day is an annual celebration of non-binary genders and identities.  Approximately 11% of the LGBTQ+ community in the US (1.2M people) identify as non-binary, and many identify as one of several common non-binary identities:

Agender – either not having a gender or being gender neutral
Bi-gender – having aspects of more than one gender, either at different times or at the same time
Gender-fluid – having a gender identity that changes over time
Gender-queer – this can be used as an umbrella term for non-binary identities or can be used as a gender identity itself

Non-binary people often face prejudice and discrimination for their gender identity, as well as lack of representation and recognition in society. Non-Binary People’s Day is an opportunity for non-binary people to celebrate their identities, as well as a chance for allies and supporters to learn more about non-binary people and to show their support.  Find out more, including how to be a better ally to non-binary folks here and here.