Happy Pride Month! ’Tis the season to celebrate the past and present of our community.

June is a time to recognize the rich history of the LGBTQ+ liberation movement, and toast to that history with the parades and special events that mark this month in many places across the country and world. From parades to parties to protests, the month of June (and beyond, depending on where you live) is filled with an eclectic array of events, all meant to commemorate our struggles. Today, celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride in whatever way you see fit is especially important as politicians push against our humanity, making queer and trans children their target.

In this guide written especially for first-timers, we’ve covered your most common questions: what you need to know, what to wear, if you can bring your kids, and, most importantly, how to stay and feel safe. But even if this is your 100th Pride, these tips will help you celebrate queer joy and liberation.

Read on to get the scoop on all things Pride.