June 14, 2021

PRIDE 2021 -  Week 3 - Protest and Advocacy


The LEAGUE online auction closes today at 5PM Central.  The bids are heating up with great bids on mentors, gifts, technology, etc.  We are just $250 short of our goal of  $7K.  Please help us make our goal.  Check it out, bid, and support LEAGUE at AT&T within the organization, community and the LEAGUE Foundation

Week 3 is about Protest and Advocacy and this year LEAGUE has encouraged all members to be advocates for the community in regards to legislation against the Transgender Community.

Another way to advocate for the community is to write a note of support for LGBTQ+ youth who become homeless and seek shelter and services through the work of Covenant House.  See the below article to find out how you can participate throughout the month of June in this AT&T BELIEVES initiative.

Shop for PRIDE items as LEAGUE PRIDE Day is approaching on the 30th so 16 days and counting.

You really don't want to miss out on our PRIDE closing event which will be a Fireside Chat with Senator Charles “Chuck” Schumer taking place on June 30th.

See LEAGUE Newsletter 06/14 for more details.



A few hours left and the 2021 LEAGUE Online Auction will close.  Here's your chance to learn to box with Anne Chow.  Be mentored by a leader at AT&T and WarnerMedia.  Or, how about a whiskey tasting with Jen? Don't miss out on great mentors, gifts, technology and services   

See LEAGUE Newsletter 06/14 for more details.

LEAGUE at AT&T Presents: Parents of LGBTQ+ kids

Every child deserves to be raised in a loving, inclusive home where LGBTQ+ identity is celebrated. Join this panel of rock star parents!

WHEN: Tuesday, June 15th, 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. CT
WHERE: AT&T University Virtual Studios Zoom

See LEAGUE Newsletter 06/14 for details. 


Join the NETwork BICP for "the Meaning of Juneteenth"


Anne Chow will sit down with Abdul Shaibu, Stacey Chosed, Edward Bai, Leslie Rodriguez, Ebony Adkin, and Byron Dye - to talk about their experiences, personal stories, and unique perspectives on topics to include biases, stereotypes, equality, equity, and more.

Anne conducts these conversations throughout the year and our CEO, Stacey Chosed, is part of this month's panel along with leaders from Ability and AT&T Veterans. 

When:  Wednesday, June 16th, 1 P.M. CDT

See LEAGUE Newsletter 06/14 for details. 


LEAGUE at AT&T and HACEMOS present Latino Talks - LGBTQ+ & Latino: Break the Stigma

The panel is to to discuss the complexity of being LGBTQ+ and Latino in today’s society. From dealing with cultural instances like Machismo and acceptance. We want to provide viewers with an opportunity to learn about how they can help break those stigmas and be a stronger advocate in our community

WHEN: Tuesday, June 24th, 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. Eastern
WHERE: Webex

See LEAGUE Newsletter 06/14 for details.


LEAGUE at AT&T Presents… a Fireside chat with Senator Charles "Chuck" Schumer and Senate Majority Leader

Hear from Senator Schumer live as he discusses pressing issues within the LGBTQ+ community.  The chat will be led by our CEO, Stacey Chosed.

WHEN: Wednesday, June 30th, 8:30 P.M. EDT/7:30 P.M. CDT/6:30 P.M. MDT/5:30 P.M. PDT
WHERE:  AT&T University Virtual Studios Zoom

See LEAGUE Newsletter 06/14 for details.