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Who Can Be a Member of LEAGUE at AT&T?

Regular Membership is open to any active employee of AT&T or its subsidiaries shall be eligible for regular membership. Retired employees of AT&T or its subsidiaries shall be eligible for regular membership if their current situation does not constitute a conflict of interest. Regular members in good standing are eligible to vote, hold office, serve on committees, receive news communications (such as newsletters and email, newsflashes) and participate in LEAGUE events such as social activities and business meetings.

Associate Membership is open to former employees of AT&T and it’s wholly owned subsidiaries (as distinct from retirees) so long as they do not work for a competitor or engage in a competing business in any fashion. This category is also open to members of a current employee’s or retiree’s immediate family or household so long as they do not work for a competitor or engage in a competing business in any fashion. Non-employee Associate Members will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to their membership activation. Associate members in good standing are eligible to serve on committees, receive news communications and participate in LEAGUE events; these members can not assume leadership positions, have no voting rights, nor can they have access to any proprietary information shared with LEAGUE members in connection with any joint company/ERG projects or initiatives.

What Does LEAGUE Membership Offer You?

-  Safe Space Training - Transgender Training - Leadership Development - Community Outreach & Volunteerism
LEAGUE Foundation awards scholarships to LGBT Youth; visit
-  Expert resources and guidance related to issues that impact LGBT employees of AT&T
-  Expert resources and guidance related to Legally Recognized Partnership benefits
-  Opportunities to volunteer & participated in corporate sponsored LGBT events
-  Mentoring and networking opportunities to further your career at AT&T and beyond
-  A voice on what impacts YOU as an AT&T LGBT or ally employee
-  Information that impacts LGBT employees and the greater LGBT community.

Top 10 Reasons to join LEAGUE at AT&T:

10.     LEAGUE at AT&T is the first LGBT ERG in the nation!
9.      We are fun group of caring people!!!
8.      LEAGUE at AT&T supports AT&T initiatives in our local communities & schools
7.      LEAGUE Foundation awards college scholarships totaling more than $105,000 to self-identified lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) graduating high school students based on a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale; significant involvement in community service; and acceptance to an accredited US college or university.   Check us out
6.      Did I say we have fun?
5.      The Human Right Campaign and Diversity Inc know AT&T is a ‘Best Place to Work’ and one of 10 reasons is because LEAGUE at AT&T exists
4.      We make a difference
3.      LEAGUE Chapter(s) are committed to improving the high-school drop-out/GED graduation rates in the LGBT community…Youth matters to LEAGUE at AT&T
2.      LEAGUE at AT&T increases AT&T’s ROI/bottom-line, the LGBT community votes with our $$$ and we have LOTS of disposable income!
1.      We Care

Any question?  Visit our Contact Us page for more information.

How do I Join?

LEAGUE membership is managed through the AT&T Employee Resource Group Site. If you do not have access to the AT&T Intranet please utilize the Contact link at the top to send us your information. While at work or via VPN check out our site for more information and the link.

AT&T Scores 100% again on the HRC Corporate Equality Index! Congratulations on 11 years!

AT&T scores 100 again on the HRC list of best companies for LGBT employees to work for. The Human Rights Campaigns 14th Corporate Equality Index added international operations to the review criteria for 2016.  With operations in countries with harsh anti-LGBT laws AT&T and other leading international countries continued to achieve 100% scores.

HRC President Chad Griffin, “Today, businesses no longer reserve basic workplace fairness for part of their workforce, but are instead making protections on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity consistent across their global operations,” Griffin writes in the introduction to the report. “This is not only a great step forward for the LGBT movement, but for the entire world.”

Only one area that employers were scored on this year actually applied to work overseas: whether the company has a nondiscrimination policy covering LGBT workers that applies throughout its global operations.