AT&T and its employees are loud and proud at many Pride events nationwide!  If you are involved with an event in your city or neighborhood and would like to share, let us know in the comments!


2019 Pride Events:

Date Location Event
5/31-6/2/19 Dallas, TX Pride kick-off, mobile events, float in parade
5/31-6/2/19 Kansas City, MO Kansas City Pridefest
5/31-6/1/19 Tulsa, OK Pride kick-off & participation in Pride parade
5/31-6/1/19 Sonoma, CA Pride Festival
6/1-6/2/19 Salt Lake City, UT Pride Parade and Festival
6/9/19 LA/West Hollywood, CA Pride parade with WarnerMedia
6/14/19 Atlanta, GA Atlanta Braves Pride night
6/14-6/16/19 Providence, MA Pride parade & festival
6/15/19 Baton Rouge, LA Pride Fest
6/15-6/16 Boise, ID Pridefest & Parade
6/20/19 Minneapolis, MN Pride Kickoff celebration
6/22/19 Dallas, TX Gay Pride sing-along
6/28-6/29/19 Lexington, KY Pride festival
6/29-6/30/19 San Francisco, CA San Francisco Pride
6/29/19 Atlanta, GA Atlanta United Unity Night
6/30/19 Atlanta, GA Atlanta Dream Pride Night
6/30/19 Chicago, IL Pride parade
6/30/19 New York City, NY World Pride Day
8/31/19 Joplin, MO Diversity Pridefest
10/11-10/13/19 Atlanta, GA Atlanta Pride Festival
10/19/19 Honolulu, HI Pride parade
TBC Washington, DC Pride Festival and Parade
TBC Indianapolis, IN Pride
TBC Seattle, WA Seattle Storm Pride Night