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  • Recognize outstanding leadership and extraordinary accomplish-ments.
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  • Leverage and support the new Chapter Congress Chair position and the national At-Large Chapter leaders.

AT&T Scores 100% again on the HRC Corporate Equality Index! Congratulations on 11 years!

AT&T scores 100 again on the HRC list of best companies for LGBT employees to work for. The Human Rights Campaigns 14th Corporate Equality Index added international operations to the review criteria for 2016.  With operations in countries with harsh anti-LGBT laws AT&T and other leading international countries continued to achieve 100% scores.

HRC President Chad Griffin, “Today, businesses no longer reserve basic workplace fairness for part of their workforce, but are instead making protections on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity consistent across their global operations,” Griffin writes in the introduction to the report. “This is not only a great step forward for the LGBT movement, but for the entire world.”

Only one area that employers were scored on this year actually applied to work overseas: whether the company has a nondiscrimination policy covering LGBT workers that applies throughout its global operations.