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TOGETHER – AT&T Most of World Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) and Allies Employee Network, launched last week. TOGETHER is positioned to reach employees in Canada, Central/Latin America, Europe. TOGETHER’s focus is on encouraging and facilitating employee leadership and professional development for your members and providing valuable networking opportunities will allow us to better leverage their talents in the business. TOGETHER is aligned with LEAGUE at AT&T founded in 1987, LEAGUE at AT&T, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Allies employees of AT&T, is the oldest LGBT employee resource group (ERG) organization in the nation. 


2012 Accomplishments

  • Partnered with AT&T Marketing, Sales and Human Resources to generate $13.8 million dollars in annualized revenue through our “PRIDE In A Box” initiative
  • Supported 42+ National and Local LEAGUE Leaders with their attendance at AT&T’s Employee Resource Group Leadership Academies
  • Grew membership in the organization by 372% over 2011 membership numbers
  • Increased volunteer hours by members in the community by over 1000 hours from 2011 volunteer hours
    • LEAGUE’s volunteer hours represented 13.30% of the total volunteer hours recorded by employee resource group members
  • Partnered with Human Resources, Policy, Benefits to provide and educate on 10+ parity initiatives for LGBT AT&T employees assuring AT&T’s “A” list ranking as a “Best Places to Work(CEI)”
  • LEAGUE Foundation awarded five(5) at-risk and accomplished graduating LGBT high school students more than $12,500 in college scholarships and supported elementary/middle school.
    • The Foundation celebrated awarding its 100th scholarship to well deserving youth.
  • Awarded eight (8) LEAGUE AT&T Awards for leadership excellence and extraordinary achievement, led by chapters and their members, culminating with a national LEAGUE Awards.
  • Conducted various national and local workshops to enhance leadership and team building


LEAGUE at AT&T is the LGBT and Allies employee organization of AT&T

Ensuring the success of AT&T championing diversity while driving AT&T Return on Investment (ROI), executing on Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) initiatives and leveraging relationships to develop employees personally and professionally.

LEAGUE provides a supportive environment for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender employees and allies to develop leadership and professional skills. We add value at AT&T by appreciating and promoting diversity in the company and community where we live and work.

AT&T Supports the LGBT Community


LEAGUE at AT&T was the first Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) employee resource group (ERG) established in corporate America. Founded in 1987 as a charitable membership organization, LEAGUE at AT&T was comprised only of individual chapters, with the first being established in Denver.

In 1992, AT&T encouraged LEAGUE at AT&T chapters to form a national organization which happened that year in Orlando. Three years later, AT&T split into 3 new entities in 1995 and decided to let LEAGUE at AT&T also spin off as well. Lucent Technologies became the home of EQUAL! (Now known as Equal! At Alcatel-Lucent) and NCR became the home of LEAGUE@NCR. Those who remained at AT&T with the communications business kept the name, LEAGUE at AT&T.

In 1996, LEAGUE at AT&T began funding LEAGUE Foundation to provide financial resources to LGBT youth to attend institutions of higher learning. Since its inception, LEAGUE Foundation has awarded 93 college scholarships totaling more than $157,000 to self-identified lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (GLBT) graduating US High School Students based on the following achievements: grade point average; significant involvement in community service; and acceptance to an accredited US college or university. Today, the Foundation is a national scholarship fund reaching all 50 states, with the greatest share of its funding still coming from AT&T and LEAGUE at AT&T, in addition to individual and corporate contributions.

In 2005, AT&T announced a $16 billion merger with SBC Communications, creating the world’s premier communications and networking company. Following the merger, Spectrum (SBC’s LGBT ERG) merged into LEAGUE at AT&T and then AT&T decided that its other two legacy LGBT ERGs, New Angle and GLBT-PRIDE, representing BellSouth and Cingular Wireless employees, respectively, should also merge into LEAGUE at AT&T. These mergers were completed in 2006 and 2007 and today’s LEAGUE at AT&T was born, with a rich heritage from four unique organizations with individual histories and cultures.

Today, LEAGUE at AT&T proudly serves our one AT&T, its employees, customers and the communities in which we operate.


The governing body of LEAGUE at AT&T is the National Officers and Board.  LEAGUE at AT&T Chapters are represented by the Chapter Congress Chair, who is a Board Member.

Board of Directors

CEO Joshua Hampshire
COO Patty Kelley
CFO Robert Williams
Membership Officer  David Kirby
Public Relations Officer Mark Barfield

Chapter Congress Director Mark Patterson
Communications Director Kathryn Smith
Fundraising Alan Beckstead
LEAGUE Foundation John Klenert
Membership Director Robert McCarrier
Public Affairs Michael Norton
Strategy Director John Cramer
Technology Director Alex Pfeifer
Workplace/Mentoring Director Debbie Lang

To contact any of these members, please visit our Contact Us page.


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